This is the most commonly used hashtag by Techies, used to designate Techy Riding pictures and videos that are posted for entertainment (rather than a challenge).

hashtag ridetechy post of Joe


This is a social media game where Techies will challenge each other (appropriate to skill level) to ride a particular trail feature, obstacle, or perform a particular skill. The challenger will post a video explaining the challenge (and typically performing the challenge themselves) while tagging the person or group being challenged. Challenges can be based on skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, elite) or made to a specific person or persons. If the challenge is accepted, the person challenged posts a video of themselves completing the challenge. It is a fun way to used social media to give us a reason to get out and ride techy (as if we need a reason).


This hashtag is used to designate Techy Riding pictures and videos that involve a fall or crash, or the carnage of a fall or crash.

Rob crashing


There are certain lines and obstacles that even advanced riders think twice about riding. These lines are referred to by Techies as “Stoopit Lines”. This hashtag is used to designate a picture or video posted online depicting one of these lines.