Techy-las are ladies who love to ride techy. Whether natural gnar or man-made freeride features, Techy-las tackle it all with a smile!

Many times, men can dominate a ride. Not only do we like to show off, but many times we are eager to lend advice to lady riders, even when they haven't asked us for it, and many times that advice is given in a way that is either better suited for the way we learned as guys, or over-compensating by pampering. While we may be trying to be gentleman-like, most women who ride bikes are stronger women, and see pampering as a bit of an insult. For this reason, we started women directed rides called “Techy-La Sessions”

Techy-La Sessions are session rides with the specific focus of helping female riders practice the TTFs and skills that they want to practice. During these rides, the ladies are in charge and male riders are welcome to attend by invite-only from a female participant, and guys may ride with the group in a supportive role only. Guys will typically be supportive by giving advice (only) when asked, spotting a female rider as they attempt an obstacle or skill, and/or taking photos and video of the attempts as the ladies session.

Techyla Melissa

Melissa: Mild Mannered Programmer, or Super Techy-la?